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Troubleshooting Redis

Can't connect to Redis

If your application can't connect to Redis, is often caused by one of to reasons.

1 Redis DB is not created

Make sure you have created a Redis database for the application on the environment.

1: Go to and find your application.

2: Choose Hosting service

3: Select the environment e.g. production

4: Add the bottom of the page, click Add cache and create Redis DB

5: Redeploy your project

2 Redis is not setup in the project

1: Add Redis package to your Package.swift file:

.Package(url: "", majorVersion: 1)

2: Make sure you have a redis.json file in your application

3: with the following content:

    "address": "$REDIS_HOSTNAME",
    "port": "6379",
    "database": "$REDIS_DATABASE"