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Troubleshooting MySQL

Can't connect to MySQL

If your application can't connect to MySQL, is often caused by one of to reasons.

1 MySQL DB is not created

Make sure you have created a MySQL database for the application on the environment.

1: Go to and find your application.

2: Choose Hosting service

3: Select the environment e.g. production

4: Add the bottom of the page, click Add database and create MySQL DB

5: Redeploy your project

2 MySQL is not setup in the project

1: Add MySQL package to your Package.swift file:

.Package(url: "", majorVersion: 1)

2: Make sure you have a mysql.json file in your application

3: with the following content:

    "host": "$DATABASE_HOSTNAME",
    "user": "$DATABASE_USER",
    "password": "$DATABASE_PASSWORD",
    "database": "$DATABASE_DB",
    "encoding": "utf8mb4"

Root/External access to MySQL

When using our clients databases, it's not possible to get external/administrator access to the database.

But it is possible to get your own MySQL server, with external/administrator access.

For now to get this, please contact us at:

Subject: Request MySQL server [Application slug]

With the following information:

  • Size (See for sizes possible)
  • Whitelist ips (Ips you need access to externally for everywhere)
  • Start date (When should it be setup)


If you choose access this will add possible vulnerability to the server