Getting started

Beta access

As we are still in beta, we are slowly opening access, so ensure we can provide the best quality possible.

To get into the database beta program, sign up for the Beta from the Toolbox:

vapor cloud db beta

Once you are through the Queue, you will receive an Email.

Create your database

To create your new database, you can simply run.

vapor cloud db create

This will create a full database server, and a database for each environment.

When you create your database server, we will automatically setup a configuration variable on each of your environments called: DB_<ENGINE>_<NAME> this will contain the connect URL to your database.

In your project config file, you can simply read it with $<TOKEN>.

You can also pass this token on to most commands, to identify the database server. If you don't add it, you will be asked which server you want to use.

vapor cloud db inspect --token=<TOKEN>

You can easily spin up multiple databases, both of same type, and different type databases.