There are a lot of features to easily manage your database server.

List servers

You can get a list of all servers linked to your app by running:

vapor cloud db list

Tail logs


This feature is not implemented yet.

To tail the database logs, you can run:

vapor cloud db logs

It will default to past 5 minutes. To get more history, you can pass --since e.g.:

vapor cloud db logs --since=20m

vapor cloud db logs --since=2h

Resize server

You can easily resize your database server on the fly. Meaning, your database server won't restart, or be down during scaling.

vapor cloud db resize

Restart server

If you ever need to restart your database server, you can easily run the restart command:

vapor cloud db restart

Shutdown server

If you don't need the database server in some time, but still want the data, and would be able to spin it up fast, you can shut it down.

vapor cloud db shutdown

Delete server

If you don't need your database server again, you can delete the server. After 24 hours the data will be wiped, and can't be reconstructed, make sure to take a local backup before.

vapor cloud db delete