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Vapor Cloud Certificate Manager (VCCM)

To secure your app when using your own domain, you can use the Vapor Cloud Certificate Manager to get a FREE SSL/TLS certificate to your app.

This type of certificate is managed by Vapor Cloud, so you never think about renewing it, or do anything, we handle everything for you.

The VCCM uses Let's Encrypt to supply free certificates. This service uses SNI (Server name indication), an extension of TLS. You can read more about SNI, and support for it here


You need to get your application up and running on Vapor Cloud, before you can use the VCCM, you need to have it running on Vapor Cloud. The reason for this, is we use this to verify ownership of the domain.


VCCM unfortunately don't support wildcard certificates, so you will need to create a certificate for each domain e.g.:

Step 1 - Attach domain to application

vapor cloud create domain

Read more about custom domains here


At the moment, after adding the domain, you need to redeploy your application, for our systems to recognize it.

Step 2 - Add DNS record

You need to point your domain to your Vapor Cloud application. To do this, go to the DNS management for your domain.

Create a CNAME record. Your domain need to point to


I want to point to my application my-example on production

And to point to my application my-example on staging CNAME CNAME

Step 3 - Setup certificate

We will now setup certificates for the domains we setup in previous step. Go to your terminal, and run the following commands:

vapor cloud create tls


Use vapor cloud create tls --force if you wan't it to force https with a 301 redirect