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Add custom domain

All applications on Vapor Cloud is automatically added with a domain. But often it can help to be able to have your own domain name to your application e.g.

To accomplish this, there are a couple of small steps you need to go through.

1 Create domain in Vapor Cloud

To tell our loadbalancers where to direct the traffic, you can create the domain through the toolbox e.g.:

vapor cloud create domain

After this, deploy the application, and the domain is created.

2 Create DNS

DNS can be a bit different depending on if it's a subdomain or root domain.

Subdomain a subdomain is e.g.

root domain a root domain is e.g.

2.1 Setup subdomain

Make a CNAME record with your DNS provider. Let's say you have and want to point it to the app on Vapor Cloud called my-app

You should create a CNAME record pointing: to


Some DNS providers require a . after the ending domain e.g. check this with your DNS provider.

2.2 Root domain

Because Root domains need to point as an A record, and this need to be a IP address, the process is a bit different. Since we don't have fixed ip adresses.

Some DNS providers support ALIAS record, if your provider don't support this, and you can't move the domain, you would need to setup a redirect to e.g.

If you can move your domain, or you need to register a new domain, we suggest using one of the following:

  • (Personal plan including 5 domains for $5/month)

These providers do support ALIAS record, and you can simply create an ALIAS record e.g. to

SSL/TLS for custom domains

Read more about free SSL/TLS for custom domains Read more about custom domains here