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For Vapor, you can specify:

  • Swift version

  • Unit tests

When adding a cloud.yml file to your vapor project, always add:

type: "vapor"

Swift version

To specify a swift version, add it like this:

swift_version: 4.0.0

default is: 3.1.0

Currently supported versions:

  • 3.0.2

  • 3.1.0

  • 4.0.0

  • 4.1.0

  • 4.2.0

Adding cURL HTTP/2 Support

Currently cURL with HTTP/2 is in beta support, so it's optional to add. This will be default at a later point.

To add this, add the following to your .yml file:

type: "vapor"
swift_version: "3.1.0"
docker_template: "vapor-3.1.0-http2"

At this point, this might cause slight delay in deployment time.

Unit tests

You can choose to run unit tests during deployments. Set it up like this:

unit_test: true