Open Beta

Vapor Cloud is currently in an open beta. During this phase you can signup for a free account and test your Vapor app on the cloud!


Vapor Cloud was designed from the ground up for high performance and availability. However, as the product is currently in beta, you are likely to encounter bugs and incomplete features.


The open beta is designed for testing your application. Please don't rely on the beta for production purposes.


Some features of the beta may be removed or taken offline upon the official release of Vapor Cloud 1.0.


During the beta period, all features of Vapor Cloud are free. You may notice account balances appear in the dashboard--these can safely be ignored.


Signup at https://dashboard.vapor.cloud/signup.

Although signups are open to the public, they may be rate limited if too many people sign up at once.

If you are unable to signup, try again later. New spots are opened throughout the day, so checking back often will give you the best chance.


Beta accounts are limited to deploy only "Free" replicas. Free replicas are the smallest replica size offered by Vapor Cloud. Unlike all other replica sizes, they are limited to 1 redundency (replica count).


If you need to test your application with multiple redundencies or higher memory / CPU resources, please contact support@vapor.cloud to discuss lifting beta limitations.

Beta accounts are also limited to shared databases only. The ability to create private database servers will be rolled out in the future.