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Your responsibilities

As a developer you have some responsibilities to ensure your application.


Make sure to encrypt the connection to your application when possible. All * domains automatically have a certificate. If you use your own domain, we provide a free and easy system to attach a certificate to your domain, with only one command you are running with HTTPS on your domain.

Our servers are configured for highest security when it comes to SSL/TLS.

Enabled SSL/TLS versions

We have enabled the following versions:

  • TLSv1
  • TLSv1.1
  • TLSv1.2

The following is disabled, because they are found insecure:

  • SSLv1
  • SSLv2
  • SSLv3

All domains with HTTPS on our servers score an A+ rating in test.

Access to Vapor Cloud

Your account on Vapor Cloud, have a lot of access, so always make sure to use a strong password, to ensure your account.