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Using private external git repository

Add your SSH Key to Vapor Cloud


SSH Keys will be linked to the organization, so they are automatically available to all users and projects under your organization.


You need to send us your private key. We will always suggest you create a new key, specific for Vapor Cloud. You can see how to create a new SSH key here: here

Add your SSH Key.

You need to send your key to our support system, and they will manually add it to the system. Be aware, there can be a slight delay in adding the key. You will get a reply once it's added.

We will later create an automatic system to manage the keys.

Send an Email to

Subject: Add SSH Key: [Organization name]

Attach the SSH private key as a file to the Email.


It's important that the key you send us, is the one you have setup at GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab etc.

Modify/remove SSH Key

Send us an Email to

Subject: Modify/remove SSH Key: [Organization name]