Can i store images inside my replicas?

You can, but we don't recommend it, since data in the replicas might be wiped. For persistent file storage, please use S3, you can use S3/CDN through Vapor Cloud, look here

I really need feature X, how do i contact you?

If you have an idea for a feature, we would love to hear about it. Please add it here this would allow other users to see, comment and vote for your idea.

Do you have a roadmap, so i know what features are planned?

Yes we have. You can find our public roadmap here

The system is in beta, does that mean my app is unstable?

No, the system have been in beta for a while, and we currently handle > 4,500,000 requests/day, but problems can occur, just like they can do in production systems. But you shouldn't be nervous about hosting your production sites in our beta.

I want to start larger replicas than free during the beta, can i do that?

Our beta users are limited to using our free plan. If you want to host your production systems on Vapor Cloud, please contact us on support@vapor.cloud and we will figure something out.

Is my data secure on Vapor Cloud?

Security is one of our absolute highest priorities. All data is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), besides that, everything we have build on top, have been build with a security first principle. You can read more about security here

On the free plan, can i still see requests and memory usage

Yes, all our replicas support resource and request monitoring. We think it's important for people to be able to monitor and optimize their apps, even when using our free plans.